Oh baby! Week 11 of 40

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Last Friday Ben and I got to hear our tiny baby's heartbeat and it was amazing.  I didn't cry, but I came really close.  This whole pregnancy feels way more real now.  Oh and baby's hearts beat way faster than ours, which is really neat.  It sounded like our little angel was running a marathon. So this week has been rough.  I had to call into work on Monday because I was feeling horrible.  I don't know if it was the flu shot that I got on Friday or...

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Oh Baby! Week 10 of 40

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This week hasn't been too bad.  Tuesday morning my morning sickness hit me by surprise but I took a Zofran and was feeling better by lunch.   This week my tiny baby is no longer called an embryo and is now a fetus.  The word fetus is weird, I don't like it.  Anyways, I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and I am keeping my fingers crossed that we get to hear a tiny heartbeat! Pregnancy Stats Weeks Pregnant:  9 weeks and 4 days Size of my tiny baby:  A Prune (1.5  in. long) Weight:  119 lbs.  Total Gain:  4...

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The Morning Sickness Blues

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I would like to apologize for the lack of posting here at FDZ lately.  My morning sickness aka all day sickness has really gotten me down this past week.  I've had entirely too many crackers and cans of ginger ale in my life lately, but what do you do?  I have convinced myself that my little raspberry may very well hate me at this point.  But on the positive side, I may be on my way to feeling a bit better because  my doctor called me in some nausea pills yesterday. ...

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Oh baby!

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The morning of August 19th I checked my fertility app on my phone to see when I should be starting my period and I realized I was 5 days late.  On my lunch break I went and bought a 2-pack of pregnancy tests and took both.  To my surprise, they were both positive.  After 7 months of negative tests, these two came out positive.  Now what?  I was in shock and still on my lunch break.  I finished up my lean cuisine and went back to work.  Ben...

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5 Photos Friday

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1.  Sorry things have been pretty slow around here, it's mostly because I'm pregnant!  I am 6 weeks and 5 days pregnant and for the past week my morning sickness has been horrible.  The...

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