Halloween 2010

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For Halloween this year, I went as Pre-Princess/Grimm's Fairytale Cinder Ella.  My friends and I went to a local bar's annual Halloween Bash.  Nobody got my costume, I mean I thought my costume was clever but whatever.  Maybe I should have been less clean looking.  Everyone knows that Cinderella was dirty. (Photo Credit: The Lovely Dena Ryan) 1.  Matt and Dena  2,  Nikki and Mike as Maw Maw and Paw Paw.  3.  Isa and Brian (They are newly engaged!)  4.  Nina's fun fairy tights.  5.  Zombie Shore aka Katie and Chris.  6.  Nikki...

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Mine is Jack White (White Stripes)

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My husband and I have an understanding.  If I ever meet Jack White, all bets are off.  Since it would only be fair, Ben is allowed a similar "celebrity crush."  His changes pretty often.  For years it was Claire Danes because he was a huge "My So Called Life" fan, but lately I believe he has changed it to Natalie Portman.  Maybe mine should be Natalie Portman... My Top Ten Favorite White Stripes tunes: "Hotel Yorba" White Blood Cells "Fell in Love with a Girl" White Blood Cells "We're Going to Be Friends" White Blood Cells "Jolene" Under Blackpool Lights (Dolly Parton remake) "My Doorbell" Get...

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Halloween Pumpkin Carving

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Since my friend John bought me a white pumpkin from a pumpkin patch in Caledonia, Mississippi for Halloween, I decided that this year I would actually carve a pumpkin.  Every year we talk about carving one but thus far it has not happened. This is how I did it, well this is how John, Nikki and I did it: I placed the pumpkin on an old towel and found a pencil and a permanent marker to draw his face.  I was told this is not the first step and that I should cut the stem first but...

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