We have tiny little potatoes!

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Earlier this week, Ben and I decided to see how our potatoes are doing since a couple of them are blooming now.  We sifted through the soil very gently and found tiny little potatoes.  Ben wouldn't let me pick them because they were so small.  This is our first year to grow potatoes and I think it is so exciting.   Hopefully they will be big enough to pick...

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Our Backyard Garden

May 11, 2011 by · 4 Comments
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This past weekend, Ben and I finished planting our garden.  We started the day at Lowe's buying vegetable plants to replace some of our seedlings that didn't make it. Recently we have had a lot of  rainfall and flooding, so we tried to wait to plant the seedlings we started indoors a couple of months ago and it wasn't the best idea.  Once we returned home, we brought the record player outside and finished planting our garden. This is our garden plan for this year:

I made these markers so that we...

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Oh did I mention, We have Sunflowers!

October 27, 2010 by · 2 Comments
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It is hard to have a bad day when these beautiful sunflowers are growing in your backyard.  My sunflowers are different from the more common and quite larger annual sunflowers, but I like them better and I will be able to enjoy them year after year.  It was so nice of my neighbor to give me these beautiful flowers as seedlings. See them as seedlings here, a little bigger here and with tiny buds

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