Vintage Decor Inspiration

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A couple of months ago Ben and I went to our local library's book sale, which is the first Monday of every month.  We found a lot of cool books but my favorite by far is my Better Homes and Garden's Decorating Book 1968 Edition and it only cost .50! I love the furniture, the wall hangings, the use of bright colors and pretty much the way people decorated their homes in the 60s and 70s in general. So I decided to share some of my Decorating Book's vintage loveliness. I hope everyone enjoyed these photos as much as I...

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The Wood Paneling Debate

July 27, 2011 by · 10 Comments
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Since moving into our 1940's cottage style home, Ben and I have always disagreed about our living room's wood paneling.  We have that "real" wood paneling that I believe is knotty pine, that a previous owner thought was really fancy and had it installed in both the living room and one of our bedrooms.  Ben loves it and thinks it is really fun and vintage.  I hate it and how dark it makes our living room.  I seriously want to paint over it and Ben hates that...

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Oh to marry a Prince…

April 29, 2011 by · 2 Comments
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Remember YM Magazine?   The Royal Wedding was so beautiful and these little royals are way too cute.


So I am kind of obsessed with the Royal Wedding.  But in my defense I have been "stalking" Prince William since about 5th grade.  It was then I realized that Princes were real and there was a very attractive young prince who was my age.  I remember seeing...

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Bridal Luncheon Inspiration Board

October 19, 2010 by · 1 Comment
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This weekend, my friends Nikki, Katie and I are hosting a bridal luncheon for our friend and bride to be, Katie Murphey.   I made this inspiration board to help keep me on track while I work on decorations and favors. I can't wait for Katie's wedding!  It is going to be so much fun! First Row:   Pinwheels, Mustache Couple,   Doily Chandelier Second Row:  Mums, Doily Table Runner, Invitation Third Row:  Apples

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New Halloween Cards from Rifle Paper Co.

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Look at how cute these new Halloween Cards are from Rifle Paper Co. Oh that Anna Bond, I love her...

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Inspiration: Startup Quotes

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Everyone starts somewhere.  If I were on Startup Quotes, my thought bubble would read "Nobody is creative or crafty until they try to be.  Don't get discouraged." Startup Quotes via Pitch Design...

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Home Inspiration: Shutters and Windows

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I have so many fun ideas for new house projects.   But  when I get a chance to tell Ben about them,  it seems like I spend more time trying to remember which blog, site or picture inspired me.   In an attempt to organize my thoughts and inspiration I have decided to share my ideas with you by category. Pretty Shutters and Windows I...

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Home Inspiration: Cottage Garden

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Sometimes I have trouble conveying to my husband exactly how I want our yard to look.  We are working on our landscaping and I have a vision but I talk really fast and a lot, so sometimes I overload him.  In his defense I usually say something like, "Ben I want us to have almost too many  flowers like a cottage garden."  And I often say to him, while he is driving, "See that yellow bush over there, that is exactly the one I want" or "look at those shutters, they are perfect."   Upon reflection I realized that these two...

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