These are not cookies…

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After my Pecan Pie Disaster, I wanted to redeem myself and I had previously  signed up to bring a dessert to my Porch Swing Media meeting Sunday night.  I make cookies all of the time but what didn't occur to me is that I usually use frozen cookie dough or a mix.  Once again this recipe came from my Southern Generations cookbook.

Butter Cookies (Recipe by Renee Nemeth) 1 1/4 cups butter or margarine, softened 2 cups all-purpose flour (My mistake happened here, I used Self-Rising flour!)

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Backyard Composting

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(This post is my response to Amber Oswalt's recent comment:

Hey! I want to start a compost pile! How can I do that?)

Kirby(my roommate)  used wooden pallets and chicken wire to make it.  We put in leaves, egg shells, coffee grounds, tea bags, any table scraps (except meat) and the pumpkin I carved for Halloween. We usually keep a bowl in the kitchen and empty it into the compost bin daily.  Oh and my friend Danielle added worms to our bin, which maybe is the most important part....

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How Not to Bake Pecan Pie

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I blame my recent marriage for my sudden need to cook.  Maybe it is because of all of the sweet kitchen appliances, cookbooks and fun bowls we received as wedding gifts or maybe it is because I promised my then fiance that once I was done planning a wedding I would start cooking more.  Whatever the reason, I have been trying to cook and mostly sucking at it. Everyone keeps saying, "You will get better" or "it takes practice."  I appreciate my friends trying to encourage my new hobby but maybe I'm just meant to bring the napkins and forks.

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DIY Wedding Mixed CD Favors

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My husband and I were recently married (9.26.09) and my favorite wedding craft we made were our wedding CDs.  About a month into our relationship, Ben gave me a mixed cd of songs he thought I would like from bands that he loved.  It was his cute way of letting me into his world, one song at a time.  Ben still gives me mixed CDs for random occasions and I love everyone of them.  Because of these CDs I now listen to way better bands. I thought it would be perfect to make a mixed CD to give out as favors...

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Halloween Pumpkin Carving

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Since my friend John bought me a white pumpkin from a pumpkin patch in Caledonia, Mississippi for Halloween, I decided that this year I would actually carve a pumpkin.  Every year we talk about carving one but thus far it has not happened. This is how I did it, well this is how John, Nikki and I did it: I placed the pumpkin on an old towel and found a pencil and a permanent marker to draw his face.  I was told this is not the first step and that I should cut the stem first but...

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