DIY Notebook Tutorial

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Stop by Make Paper Crafts today and see my DIY Notebook Tutorial as well as many other fun crafty projects made by the ever so clever Cynthia.

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I’m an Indie Business Graduate!

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I really loved Indie Biz and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in crafting for profit.   Our teachers were very talented and helpful people and it was fun networking with the other Indie Biz...

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Indie Business 2.0

March 8, 2010 by · 3 Comments
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I am taking an online business class and I am really stoked about it.  Indie Business 2.o focuses on "Starting, Surviving and Succeeding in small business."  Our class is taught by Leigh-Ann of Freckled Nest, Elsie of Red Velvet Art and Jill of Lune Vintage. In order to get to know the other students in the class, one of the students suggested in our class forum to post a 5 things list.  I agree with her. 5 Things I am looking forward...

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Unhappy Hipsters

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In case you haven't already seen Unhappy Hipsters,  do yourself a favor.   It makes me laugh, a...

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Enjoy the Process

January 27, 2010 by · 6 Comments
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Yesterday I ate lunch with Cristina.  She is a friend from high school who recently moved to Dallas, Texas.  We haven't seen each other as often as we would like but she is one of my favorite people in the world.  So she asked me a few of those normal questions you ask people you haven't seen in a while:  “How are you?”  “How is married life?”  “What's new in your life?”  I am so used to getting those questions from random people from my past that I run into at Wal-Mart or one of the downtown arts festivals, I...

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Daily Blog Tips 2009 in Review

Link to Daily Blog Tips 2009 in Review

              I love a good list.  If we have this in common you should browse the entries from the over 90 bloggers who particiated in the Review of 2009 writing project at Daily Blog Tips.   Make sure and read my entry 2009 in Review: 9 Things I Learned While Planning My Wedding. My favorites include: Biggest Parenting Failures of 2009 9 New Things I Tried in My Kitchen in 2009 50 Inspiring People of 2009 The Best of Daily Blog Tips in...

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Zombies blend in

October 29, 2009 by · 3 Comments
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I spend a good portion of everyday dodging zombies.  There are always zombies in Kroger but Kroger has better produce than other grocery stores in town, so I still go there.  Kroger also has a nice organic section which for the most part is zombie free.  Zombies also tend to gravitate towards the post office.  I'm not really sure why.  Zombies at the post office are the worst because the post office is horrible to begin with and there is usually only one exit. Dodging zombies can be pretty hard sometimes.  Zombies...

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