About Faye

we love each other!

We love each other!

Our little family has grown by one, Liam Finn Hodge was born 4.18.12 and we love our little man so much!

I am officially in the 30+ age group.

I grew up in a small Mississippi town which was previously known as Possum Town.

My mother raised me, as many southern mothers do, with an “it hurts to be beautiful mentality” which I still don’t fully comprehend.

I believe in the Loch Ness Monster, although I don’t think she is a monster at all.

On more than one occasion, I have adopted what I thought was a homeless cat in need of my love, that I later learned belonged to my neighbor.

I love thrift stores more than I should and may someday become a hoarder.

Check out my handmade notebooks and journals at The Sundial in Starkville, Mississippi!

I enjoy house plants and growing fresh fruits and vegetables in our backyard garden!  I love working in the yard and planting flowers in my flower beds.

I am married to the nicest, most intelligent man I have ever met who also is a very talented musician.

We live in Starkville, Mississippi with our two dogs June and Zoe, our sweet cat Olive and our son Liam.

Why do I dodge Zombies?  Find out here.


Zoe in a t-shirt

Zoe is so 80’s!

June is happy about Rainbow Falls.

Olive is so pretty.

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