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We have tried many sippy cups.  Some I really love and others that made me want to scream and walk it off.  There is nothing worse than finding that your child’s sippy cup has leaked into their diaper bag or onto their clothes or your car etc.   Finding the perfect sippy cup is essential to having a happy baby and a happy mommy.

Best sippy cups

Let’s start with the worst.

5.  I bought these Munchkin Click Lock Re-usable  straw cups at Babies R Us.  I thought they looked simple enough and Liam’s speech pathologist told us to introduce a straw cup, because straw cups/sucking promote language development. They are horrible.  The top is supposed to screw on until it clicks.  Neither my husband nor I could make it click.  I managed to make it click once and was unable to reproduce my result.  I have no idea what the issue was but it left me needing to walk away and calm down.

4.  We loved these Tommee Tippee Explora sippy cups and sent them to daycare with Liam everyday until they started leaking.  I also didn’t like that they don’t have the ounces on the side and at that time I was still measuring how much milk Liam was drinking.  It could be that we used them so much that they started leaking but leaking is a problem regardless.  I have nothing against the Tommee Tippee brand because we exclusively use their bibs and love them.  Once Liam started feeding himself these bibs were a must.

3.  We were given this Lifefactory Glass Bottle with a sippy cap by some dear friends at my baby shower and I love it.  Liam loves it too.  It took us a couple of tries to realize that you can’t screw the cap on too tight or the milk will not come out of the spout.  The only downfall to this sippy cup has nothing to do with it’s quality. Liam’s daycare will not allow glass bottles, so we only use this one at home.

2.  The Phillips Avent Toddler Spout Cup was the first sippy cup we introduced to Liam because the soft spout was really similar to the Avent bottle nipples Liam was already using.  The handles also helped him hold onto it, which we liked as well.  I usually pop the spout cover off of it just to make it easier for Liam to use.  The best part about this cup is that you can use the spout and handles on any regular Avent bottle, which we had plenty of around the house.   We usually put juice in the 7 oz. cup and put milk in the 9 oz. bottles.

1.  Like I mentioned in #5, Liam’s speech pathologist really wanted him to use a straw cup.  We tried the Lansinoh mOmma Straw Cup and will never use another straw cup!  They are the best and I honestly think all parents/toddlers should try them.  Liam throws it off his high chair daily and it hasn’t started leaking at all.  The handles make it easy to hold and I love that you can twist the top to hide the straw while not using it.  After we loved the first one so much, I ordered another one from Amazon.  The first time I handed it to Liam he threw it off of his high chair and it cracked.  I was disappointed since his first one had been thrown a million times without cracking, so I emailed the company.  They promptly apologized for the faulty cup and sent me another one free of charge.  We haven’t had any issues with the replacement cup at all and I really appreciate good customer service.
by Selena Faye

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