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1.  Day 29:  Something You are Listening to

This is the record player I bought for Ben last Christmas and I love it.  Lately I’ve been listening to The Shins a lot.

2.  Day 25: Green

I finished making the curtains for Liam’s nursery this past weekend.  I made them using this Joel Dewberry fabric which is actually more of a blue-ish green.

3.  Day 27:  Something You Ate

I love edamame and I also love that it is especially good for me during pregnancy because it contains a lot of protein.

4.  Day 26:  Night

It may have taken all of Sunday night but we finished painting Liam’s nursery and I finished his crib skirt.  His little nursery is actually starting to look like a nursery.

5.  Day 23:  Your Shoes

These are actually some of my shoes and Ben’s shoes mixed together because we share a closet.

This month I am participating in the Instagram February Photo A Day challenge by FatMumslim and all of these photos were for the challenge.

Oh and all of these photos were taken with Instagram (iphone app).  If you are on Instagram follow me @SelenaFaye
by Selena Faye

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