Oh Baby! Week 30 of 40

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Week 30 of 40

I am officially in my 3rd trimester!  A lot has happened since my last baby post.  We have two baby showers planned for March, we registered, we completed our Stork Support class at the hospital, we bought our crib and we have started on the nursery!

We decided to go with the Davinci Jenny Lind crib and ordered it from Amazon.  We decided on this crib because it will match the the changing table we were gifted  and the rocking chair my mom found for us at a garage sale.  We also chose this crib because it meets all of the latest safety standards, matches our vintage style and it converts into a toddler bed.

Pregnancy Stats

  • Weeks Pregnant: 29 weeks and 2 days
  • Size of my tiny baby:  A Butternut Squash  (Length:  17  in.  Weight: 3.1 lbs. )
  • My Weight:  142 lbs.  Total Gain: 27 lbs.

How am I feeling?

  • Emotionally:  I can be pretty moody and needy lately.  I admit it.
  • Physically:  Honestly, I am so ready to not be pregnant.  I feel so huge and carrying around an extra 27 lbs can be really tiresome.  Also I have recently started having hip/pelvic pain and it sucks.  Sleeping with a pillow between my legs which I had stopped doing for a while and just recently started again has really helped in this department.
  • Fun Pregnancy Stuff:  This may sound silly but I really like all of the positive attention by belly gets.  Everywhere I go people just look at my belly and smile.  It is really sweet.  I think there is something about seeing a pregnant woman that makes most people happy.  Also I have gotten some pretty funny/slightly inappropriate  comments recently.

Some of those comments include:

  1. Any day now right? (Don’t say this to a pregnant woman unless you know for a fact that she is about to give birth!)
  2. What have you been eating?
  3. Are you sure you are not having twins?
  4. Woman in line at Piggly Wiggly:  “How much longer do you have? Me: “3 months”  Woman in line at Piggly Wiggly: “Really?” (Then she inspects my belly.) “Girl you aren’t going to be able to walk.”  Me:  “I hope that is not true.”
  5. Overly loud UPS Delivery Guy (who sees me everyday but usually I am sitting):  “Oh!  What have you gone and done?”
  • Cravings:  Low-Fat Chocolate Milk, Coca-Cola and Apples!  I can’t eat enough Gala Apples.

by Selena Faye

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4 Comments on Oh Baby! Week 30 of 40

  1. patty stroud
    on Tue, Feb 7th 2012 @ 3:50 pm

    Well, I think you look adorable!! Where are you registered??

    • Faye
      on Tue, Feb 7th 2012 @ 4:02 pm

      Thank you very much. I don’t feel too adorable these days. We are registered at Babiesrus.com and Walmart.com.

  2. Dawn
    on Tue, Feb 7th 2012 @ 7:35 pm

    That sweet belly! I love it.

    I’m really hoping we can make it to your shower. I’m gonna pitch a fit if not.

    • Faye
      on Wed, Feb 8th 2012 @ 8:08 am

      I hope you guys can make it too! It won’t be the same without you.

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