Oh Baby! Week 24 or 40

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A couple Saturdays ago, Ben and I were lounging around watching Raiders of the Last Ark when our baby boy started kicking.  Ben got to feel him kick for the first time and it was a really special moment for the three of us.  Ben thinks it is pretty bad ass that it happened during Raiders of the Last Ark.  Since then, he has been kicking and moving non-stop and we love it.

Lately I have been feeling great and really enjoying this part of my pregnancy.  Feeling my baby move inside me is probably the most amazing thing I have ever experienced.  It doesn’t matter what I am doing, when my baby starts kicking or moving around I always stop and enjoy the moment.  I love it and him.

I am also getting pretty big.  At my last doctor’s appointment, I was told that I gained 7 lbs in the previous month.  This is the 3rd time I have been told I had gained 7 lbs in the previous month.  My doctor says I am gaining weight kind of fast but that is wasn’t bad at this point.  I am only supposed to be gaining about 4 lbs a month and I am only 9 lbs away from my total pregnancy weight gain goal of 30 lbs.  So I am a little upset.  I don’t want to let down my doctor or myself by gaining way to much weight.  Plus I already have trouble getting up sometimes and it was only funny the first few times.

Pregnancy Stats

  • Weeks Pregnant: 23 weeks and 4 days
  • Size of my tiny baby:  An Ear of Corn  (Length:  8.5  in.  Weight: 1.5 lbs. )
  • My Weight:  136 lbs.  Total Gain: 21 lbs.

How am I feeling?

  • Emotionally:  I have been good, not too emotional or moody these days.
  • Physically:  So I have started having nose bleeds occasionally.  Although it is common during pregnancy, there isn’t anything cool about it.
  • Fun Pregnancy Stuff:  I really love all of the kicking that I am feeling and I especially love that now our little boy is kicking hard enough for Ben to feel.  Ben has had his hands on my belly a lot.
  • Cravings:  Nothing crazy lately.

by Selena Faye

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2 Comments on Oh Baby! Week 24 or 40

  1. Hattie
    on Thu, Dec 29th 2011 @ 7:20 pm

    I love this! So excited for you and Ben.

    • Faye
      on Thu, Dec 29th 2011 @ 7:21 pm

      Thanks Hattie! We are excited for you and Jason as well.

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