Oh Baby! Week 20 of 40

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Week 20 of 40

Skip ahead a couple of weeks and I’m actually at the half way point!  Oh and we had our ultrasound on the 18th of this month and guess what?  It’s a boy!  We are very excited but just to be honest, I was shocked.  I had such strong feelings that it was a girl but he surprised us all.  Since we thought it was a girl, we don’t even have a boy name picked out yet.  We have a few that we like, so hopefully we will have a name for our little boy soon.

Pregnancy Stats

  • Weeks Pregnant: 19 weeks and 2 days
  • Size of my tiny baby:  A Mango  (Length:  6.5  in.  Weight: 10 oz. )
  • My Weight:  129 lbs.  Total Gain: 14 lbs.  (I gained 7 whole pounds last month!)

How am I feeling?

  • Emotionally:  I have been feeling better emotionally.  I am still kind of shocked that we are having a boy, but really excited.  I have been having crazy scary dreams, mostly about someone trying to break into our house.  I think these dreams are probably happening because I am feeling more protective of myself because of our growing little one.
  • Physically:  I have been less exhausted for the last week or so.  I hope this continues.  I have started having trouble sleeping and had to buy a body pillow.  It helps but I still wake up a couple times during the night to switch sides or readjust.  Oh and my hands and feet have started swelling!  For the last couple of days I haven’t even been able to wear my wedding ring.
  • Fun Pregnancy Stuff: Seeing our tiny baby during our ultrasound and finding out the sex  has been the most fun part of my pregnancy so far.  Lately I have started to feel him move inside me and that is pretty cool as well.  Yesterday I even felt him move from the outside of my stomach which was really neat.  Hopefully he will continue doing this so Ben can feel him as well. 
  • Cravings:  I haven’t really had any crazy cravings lately but I have enjoyed eating all of the sweet Thanksgiving treats and desserts.  I love pecan pie and I’ve had my share of it this season for sure.

by Selena Faye

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