Easy DIY Cat Toy

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DIY Cat Toy

I recently made Olive a really simple cat toy and she loves it.   Since it is her favorite toy ever, I decided to share a tutorial with you guys.  I know cats will play with almost anything, but at least this toy looks cuter than a toilet paper roll or plastic water bottle which are Olive’s 2nd and 3rd favorite toys.

Supplies Needed:

  • Two Metal Book Rings
  • Fabric scraps of all sizes
  • 2-3 foot long piece of ribbon or string

1.  Tie fabric scraps onto one of the metal book rings.  I just tied each one to the book ring and secured it with a double knot.  If your cat manages to untie it you can just simply tie it back on.

2.  Attach your 2-3 foot ribbon or string to the first book ring and then to the 2nd ring.

Olive loves her little toy.

You are done.  You can attach the book ring without all of the fabric tied onto it to a door handle or just drag it around and watch your cat follow.  Olive loves when we swing it past her, so she can act like she is jumping so high to catch it.  When she is done playing with it, I just hanging it from the door handle of our craft room.  Olive loves to run past it and bat at it.  She is such a funny kitten.

by Selena Faye

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