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Peterson Feeder Birds of North America and Leafsnap iphone appsI spend more time than I should searching Google  images, trying to identify either a plant or a bird that I have seen in my yard.   For the past two weeks, I have been picking leaves off this tree I hate and bringing them inside to try and figure out what the hell it is.  I kind of want to pull it up because it cast a small shadow on a corner of our garden and harbors Poison Ivy but I don’t want to pull it up if it is something cool that may begin producing fruit.   Overall I have been really frustrated with the tree identification tools online.  I tried about 5 different ones and still had no idea what it was until last night.  I downloaded a new free iPhone app called Leaf Snap and within 5 minutes I identified my little Paper Mulberry tree.  The app is really user friendly and you can even take a photo of the leaf you are trying to identify and it will either identify the tree or at least narrow down your search.


While searching for Leafsnap, I also came across the Peterson Feeder Birds of North America app.  This app is my new favorite.  The Peterson illustrations are very beautiful and the app is really fun to play around with, especially since you can listen to bird songs.  Although my dogs were really confused by all of the bird noises, Ben and I loved listening to the songs of birds that frequent our backyard.  Oh and the best part is that this app is also free!

Petersons Feed Birds of North America

Need more information? 
Peterson Feeder Birds of North America iphone App.


If you download them, let me know what you think.

by Selena Faye

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2 Comments on Tree and Bird Identification iPhone Apps!

  1. Kristen
    on Tue, Jul 12th 2011 @ 10:54 am

    These look fun, and if I had an iPhone, I would definitely try them. Since I don’t, though, I use the MSU Extension Serive tree finder site:

    It has worked well for me. Good luck identifying!

    • Faye
      on Tue, Jul 12th 2011 @ 1:34 pm

      I tried to use their tree identifier but I could get it to work for me. It said I needed to download something and i did but then it didn’t work. However, I do think it is neat that MSU has one available.

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