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1.  This past weekend, Ben and I went to Crystal Springs (Tomatopolis of the World) to visit my family.  This is me and my niece Skylar enjoying my parents porch swing.  She makes the funniest little faces when she is sleepy.

2.  This is my nephew Landon.  He recently decided that he loves Zoe.  He likes that she knows how to shake.

3.  On Sunday before we drove back, we went to Chautauqua Park to feed the ducks.  We also went on the park’s  Tree Top Trail and found this fun swinging bridge.  I love that my niece Kaitlyn and nephew Landon love their Uncle Ben.

4.  Landon is putting his face so close to Zoe’s face in an attempt to get her to kiss him.  Landon melts my heart.

5.  This is Ben playing last night with his band Poacher.  They played with our friends Michael and Kyle’s band, Cicadas at the State Theater here in Starkville.  Both bands played really well and it was a fun night overall.

by Selena Faye

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