The Time Life Encyclopedia of Gardening

September 2, 2010 by
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My husband surprised me with these cool vintage gardening books and I love them.

The Time Life Encyclopedia of Gardening

He is such a thoughtful husband.
by Selena Faye

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One Comment on The Time Life Encyclopedia of Gardening

  1. kt
    on Thu, Sep 16th 2010 @ 9:33 am

    Cool! Speaking of gardening, I asked Willie, the farmer/security guard who works at the Macon campus for EMCC, about onions. Since I saw onions in your veggie garden and have heard you mention that they don’t seem to be doing well, I asked Farmer Willie for gardening advice, as I am ignorant when it comes to anything green outside. He said that when you put them in the ground, the tops of the onions need to get some air (you can either brush dirt off the tops or spray the tops with the water hose to expose them). He said once they take root, they will sprout some of the green thingies out of their tops. He also said that cooler weather is more conducive for growing onions. In addition, he said that with the cooler weather, more tomatoes are likely to start producing again. Good luck with the gardening!

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