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Mixed Tape to Selena from Ben

My husband is wonderful and I have mentioned before that he makes mixed CDs (not actually mixed tapes) for me for holidays and random occasions. I love these CDs so much.  Isn’t a mixed CD such a thoughful gift?  I decided to share this mixed CD because I think that you can tell a lot about a person by the music they enjoy.

This is a list of songs from the CD he made for me for Christmas 2009.

Christmas 2009 Mix

Side Note:  Ben said, “I hope you don’t mind that I bookended this CD with the Beach Boys.”  I never mind that.

  1. Beach Boys- “Surfer Girl”
  2. The Hold Steady- “Multitude of Casualties”
  3. Julian Casablancas- “Out of the Blue”
  4. Gaslight Anthem- “High Lonesome”
  5. Still Stanley- “Semi-Sublime” (This is a band from Jackson, MS)
  6. Drive-By Truckers- “Self Destructive Zones”
  7. Ben Kweller- “Wasted and Ready”
  8. Pains of Being Pure at Heart- “Come Saturday”
  9. The Ramones- “My Brain is Hangin Upside Down” (Live) (Ben is always trying to get me to love The Ramones, which I don’t hate.)
  10. Son Volt- “Tear Stained Eye”
  11. Belle and Sebastian- “Like Dylan in the Movies”
  12. Yeasayer- “Tightrope”
  13. Jay Reatard- “Nightmares” (RIP Jay, Ben was so sad that he died.)
  14. Japandroids- “The Boys are Leaving Town”
  15. Uncle Tupelo- “Sin City” (Flying Burrito Bros Cover) (I love this song a lot.)
  16. Pine Hill Haints- “You Will Never See Morning”
  17. Vampire Weekend- “Horchata” (This is from their new CD, Contra, which was not out at the time he made this CD.)
  18. Benji Hughes- “I Went With Some Friends to See The Flaming Lips”
  19. Beach Boys- “You’re So Good to Me”

by Selena Faye

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